Combine the Scope and Mirror to dominate every 6 footer

See the Putting Scope by Michael Breed - $39.95

See the Putting Alignment Mirror - $39.95

This drill helps with setup AND tells you if you’re rolling it on line :)

Set up the Putting Scope:

  •     Check your alignment to the target
  •     Swing the putter on the intended path
  •     Learn to roll the ball down the line - through the Scope legs

Put the Putting Alignment Mirror beneath the Rod:

  •     Check your eye position - on the line or slightly inside
  •     Check your putter face alignment with the red line on the mirror

It is easy to return the ball to the correct starting position, too.

You don’t even need a hole to do this drill at home or office :)

It is time to dominate the 6 footer!