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Recent Instructor Feedback:
  • Firstly can I say great, great job guys. One of the best certifications I’ve watched in a while.Craig Normansell, EyeLine Elite Instructor
  • “The 4 Putting Elements Course helped me develop a concise and effective way to teach putting to my students.  It helped me to quickly identify weakness and strengths to create a great lesson every time.  The course is fun and quick paced with an ‘A-Ha’ moment in every module.  This is a MUST take course for any putting instructor.”Raymond Bikulcius, EyeLine Elite Instructor
  • Thank you so much for the Eyeline Golf Certification courses. I thoroughly enjoyed going through the process and learned so much.Cathy Johnston-Forbes, LPGA and winner of the 1990 Du Maurier Classic
  • I really enjoyed the Tour Roll Certification.  Adding in the additional coaching keys from other industry professionals was awesome!Jason Tipton, EyeLine Elite Instructor
  • Thanks for providing great content and infoKieran McCarthy, Tour Roll Certified
  • These certifications courses are a great way to broaden your knowledge and give your clients the right tools to holing more putts.Roy O’Neill, EyeLine Elite Instructor
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the Tour Roll certification program. Not only was it well produced, well presented, and very educational, I had fun going through it. I would highly recommend it for anyone interested in helping their students improve their putting.Tom White, EyeLine Elite Instructor
  • I cannot tell you how amazing and beneficial I have found it, completing your Tour Roll Certification. I think what you have done is incredible.  The information you provide is incredible and I am so glad I did the course.  It has answered and explained so many questions for me (a playing pro of 15 years), let alone what it I know it will do for my pupils.Adam Mason, PGA UK
  • Nobody really likes to work on short game never mind putting, but Eyeline Golf and the  Four Elements Putting Certification give you the tools you need to make that part of teaching and practice simple and fun for you and your students!Barry Gibson, Winnipeg, Canada
  • "The 4PE Certification program is an invaluable tool and great addition to the Chuck Will Golf Academy.  All my instructors have completed the program and will be implementing it in 2016!  The Eyeline Golf putting aids are not only easy to use, but affordble!  Students can pick up the aid they need right on the spot.  Best of all, you will see immediate results!  Thanks again to Eyeline Golf for introducing us to the 4PE Certification program."Chuck Will, Dulles, VA
  • It was the best 6 hours of certification I ever went through. 4PE Certification program enables you to learn all the vital and necessary skills/drills in the putting game. It will make you a better teacher and coach guaranteed! As a collegiate golf coach I’ve used in my program and have seen instant success in those players of mine that value its time and effort in practicing. Was able to even send one individual to the 2016 NJCAA  Women’s National Championship in June, based on her increase in her putting confidence and the effort she provided day in day out at practices.Michael Herzog, Bismarck State Golf Coach
  • I appreciated the 4PE course and learning about your training aids and how to help people play better golf using them to practice!  I have used several EyeLine products already this offseason with nothing but positive results and feedback from my students.Russell Gamble, GolfTec, Naperville, IL
  • I learned a few things I put into my own putting.  Seeing the products in action was great.Jeremy Dear, Broken Arrow, OK
  • I want students to get some understanding and experience to answer their questions.  Tour Roll is filled with ways to show them what I am talking about. My playing career and the practice it required gave me lots of ways to work on the fundamentals.  Tour Roll has new ways to show the fundamentals and make it fun.Libby Smith, former LPGA player
  • "Eyeline Golf is the premier putting training aid company for good reason.  They create products that educate and demonstrate proper putting fundamentals with a high quality and ease of use. Anyone looking for consistent improvement in their putting game would benefit from using Eyeline products."David Patronik, Director of Instruction at Woods to Wedges
  • I think that EyeLine Golf has made a great contribution to the world of golf with modern and revolutionary methods available to all players. I would recommend it to all golfers who want to learn quickly and easily.Antonio Ardito, R Golf Academy, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Thanks for the making the training course available to PGA Professionals.
    I have found it to be a great benefit and increase in my own knowledge base.
    Simon Dewsbury, PGA, Snowmass Club
  • Completing the Tour Roll Certification course has given me a new perspective on teaching putting.Jeff Howe, Master Teaching Professional CGTF
  • 4 Putting Elements Certification course really broke down the learning into manageable pieces. I never thought much about putting instruction until I went through the course. It was spectacular.Jason Dransfield, PGA of GB & I
  • The 4 Putting Elements Certification course gave me a better understanding and knowledge about putting and teaching putting. I highly recommend it if you aspire to teaching putting.Steven Went, PGA UK
  • As a college coach, I think it's imperative to keep up with current putting instruction and the Tour Roll Certification helped me gain more knowledge in that area. Highly recommend the FREE online course.Scott Erling, Weber State Men’s Coach
  • The courses on your website are ones of the best I ever saw. They are sensible, logical, easy to remember and useful.Lukas Horak, Czech Republic
  • Thank you for the awesome certification program - it was extremely informative not only as a Instructor but as a Tour Player I look forward to Telling The Story to many other Golfers out here in China & In My Home Country of South Africa and Around the world.
    Chris Marrs, British PGA & South African PGA
  • I thoroughly enjoyed going through the “4 Putting Elements Certification” course you offer with EyeLine Golf.  I found it to be very informative and really look forward to implementing this into my instruction.Derek Shelburne, PGA
  • The Tour Roll Certification has given me fresh enthusiasm and impetus to coaching putting.Paul Kent, PGA
  • Tour Roll Certification course has a lot of good information and training aids with clear presentations. Different kind of ready putting session packages will surely help all trainers to improve their students putting and same time have fun together. Let’s make more putts!Esa Virta, Turku, Finland
  • I just completed your 4 Putting Elements and Tour Roll certification courses.  You guys are the best putting teachers ever and I really appreciate you bringing these programs out to PGA Professionals to help expand their knowledge.Tom Nosewicz, PGA, Meadow Hills GC, Aurora, CO
  • Thank you again for your assistance and keep up the great work, I love the EyeLine products and these courses are invaluable to Professionals wanting to increase their revenue stream and value to their members/clients.Paul Geen, PGA, UK
  • I just wanted to say thank you! The Tour Roll Certification Course was absolutely fantastic, definitely one of the best online courses!John Law, Performance Mind Coach
  • I just completed the Tour Roll certification. Although I address many of the steps covered I now will have tools to definitely show students what I am talking about. Thank you for the great information and tools.Christine Lovrine, PGA
  • In the short time that I have been using your training aids and the information that I gained in the certification process, I have experienced some great lessons with my students.  I teach a lot during the winter and your tools have been extremely helpful.  Three of my students immediately wanted the mirror.Jim Wise, Strongsville, OH
  • I am a Class A PGA Professional & I not only love using your training aids for my students but also I can apply them to my game as well so thanks for making great products for all levels!Jake Blair, Eagle Mountain, Utah
  • I really enjoyed the 4PE certification course. It's great to have concrete drills and teaching aids to help my players become better putters and happier golfers in the process. I'm even excited to use them on my own putting!Brandon Proudfoot, PGA, Washington
  • I really enjoyed the deep learning that I gained from the 4 Putting Elements Certification. The deep knowledge that the whole Eyeline Golf team has is remarkable.It really shows in the great diversity of their products and their 4 Putting Elements Certification. With the knowledge I gained and the production information that was given, I can now give full putting clinics without having to switch to 10 different stations. This is a huge benefit for the student because they are not wasting time having to walk through all the stations with all the different gadgets.Brian Zeigler, PGA
  • I enjoyed going through the training and completing the 4PE course. Putting is a crucial part of this great game. Unfortunately your average golfer views his putting as decent compared to the other parts of the game. I believe that stats show that less than 10% of lessons given are putting lessons. That is a shame and we as PGA Professionals need to place a greater influence on the short game as well as putting.Chris Ford, GolfTec, Pleasanton, CA
  • I think the 4PE Certification program was very detailed and informative.  It had many drills to help golfers improve. It also described to the instructor  which drill and training aid can best help the golfer improve. I would recommend this training to any instructor who wants to improve their short game teaching approach.Eric Jordan, PGA Apprentice, Golftec Glenwood
  • “The certification is so good!  Have you thought about having multiple days where teachers come in to be certified?  Your approach is so unique; you have to let more teachers in."Wallace “Hoppy” Smith III, Diamondhead CC, Mississippi
  • The program is great. Visual learning.  Quick videos, to the point.  I've made signs for my clinics - setup, path, etc.  Im looking forward to the next Cert to help with green reading.Paul Jacques, Michigan
  • I held a 2 hr putting clinic yesterday using all your kit! They loved it.Sarah Bennett, Essex County Girls Head Coach, UK
  • The 4PE Certification gave me terrific insight to teach putting, especially helpful with speed and squaring the club face at impact. The Balls of Steel are a tool that I use almost every day with the First Tee juniors.James Benites, The First Tee, San Antonio
  • The certification covers every issue a student could have and then recommends trainings aids that are very straightforward and intuitive, and ways to practice that just make sense. Thanks to Eyeline Golf for providing such a great all around program!Sean Paul, PGA
  • I am looking forward to putting the putting principles I've learned into practice here. I have also asked my other instructors at my school to get certified as well. I am excited to be expanding the 4PE and Eyeline brand here in Malaysia.Siew Ai Lim, LPGA
  • Greatest benefit with all the EyeLine Golf products is feedback. My students instantly feel the correct motion and setup that is so often hard to explain. At least 25% of my students purchase the products for themselves and its fantastic to see them being used on the practice putting green.Meurig Morgan, Dragon Golf, OR
  • "The 4PE certification helped my own understanding of the putting stroke and also helped my teaching as well."Corey Wooley, Park City Utah
  • "I thought the program was very informative, and I learned some good drills, and aids to help with putting lessons. After 32 years of teaching it is nice to have some new ideas and drills to liven things up. Thanks again."Jim Bennett, Tukwila, WA
  • "The certification was very cool – great job putting it together.  It was fun having to think through the test questions and I certainly learned a few things along the way. I’ve been teaching for about ten years now with a playing background out of college.  Much of your program compliments the instruction I’ve been giving over the years and I’m looking forward to passing it on to my students."Chad Moseley, Reston, VA
  • "Yes it was a nice and pleasant experience to do the Certification Program. I learned from the drills and how the products are being used and I like the Certification programs set up."Henrik Lundqvist, Gavle, Sweden
  • "Thank you so much for all your help and effort. I definitely feel as good as I've ever felt putting the ball, and more importantly I feel like I'm making progress in the one area that was always so mysterious to me. I can't thank you enough for breaking some of my bad habits and giving me some awesome new thoughts and feels"  George Connor, Bloomfield, CT
  • I was incredibly impressed at the putting clinic and I really love the format of the lessons. It gives me the ability to add skills to my own game and also allows me to get more education on how to teach my students.Brian Phelps, PGA Connecticut
  • Any instruction program that desires to be successful needs to connect with Eyeline Golf products. The training aids are wonderful tools for the instructor to help students improve, and the practice targets increase golfers' awareness of successful short game scoring. I have heard nothing but raves from my students about the target circles and hoops, and also the target holes for speed control.James Hong, Port Washington, NY
  • "The Eyeline 4 Elements System truly brings a useful and efficient program to make clinics extremely easy to set up and produce. Eyeline Products have always made communicating with players much more simple and with the clinic format the communication of correct information has been truly made very easy"Bill Abrams, Crete, IL
  • You all have made me a better instructor...will help me communicate better information to GolfRite students, who...in turn..will enjoy our great game more!  WOW!
    Skip Guss, Golfrite, MA
  • After working 3 days with Sam at our Colonial Eyeline Putting Clinic I have been amazed at the progress of our members at Colonial. Not a day has passed since the clinic that I have not seen one of Sam’s products on the putting green. From the slot trainer to the mirror, every part of the system has worked in making our members become better golfers!Matt Marino, Colonial CC
  • As a PGA Teaching Professional, it's important to focus on putting. The EyeLine products are so important to improving. I never do a putting lesson without utilizing the EyeLine putting mirror!Greg Greksa, Wildwood Green GC
  • I received my Butter Putter two weeks ago. I use it in every putting lesson I give. It's a great tool for learning to improve the stroke without any "how to instruction".  This is a great aid.Jim Petralia, Los Angeles CC
  • "I teach over 725 lessons a year and I bet half of them are on the putting green.  One tool that is always out is my Eyeline putting mirror.  I'll sum it up this way.  I use this so much it cracked in half, broke, and I taped it back together until I received a new one.  I couldn't afford to wait."Doug Lemons, Canton, OH
  • I've been teaching golf for 20 years and EyeLine aids help my students and me. Golf in Poland is a new sport. I taught in China for 5 years and the students there loved your products. I use EyeLine  Training aids daily in my teaching.Lukasz Wojdynski, Poland
  • I recently used the 4 putting element putting clinic for our women's opening day and it was a big big hit. All the ladies loved the activities. I heard nothing but good things, a lot of the ladies told me it was the best clinic they've ever attended. I just thought I'd share that with you, and thank you for offering teachers like myself the opportunity to spread the word on how the Eyeline products can help so many people.
    Tim Katanski, Ann Arbor, Michigan
  • Since becoming certified with eye line my teaching skills have increased 10 fold to what the PGA offers.Doug Mallon, Denver, CO
  • I have conducted a lot of research over the past few months and have watched and learned from some of the top putting instructors. The EyeLine Golf certification brings most of what I've learned into one course.Colin Iddon, PGA Golf Coach
  • I am very pleased to announce that the four elements training putting is recognized by the PGA France and allows me to accumulate an extra point for the classification of coaches.Lucas Bensoussan, France
  • "Thank you for all the education and product information that you work hard to produce. I believe that your emails are a very good resource for all PGA golf instructors. I use my putting mirror regularly when I teach my putting clinics and private instruction."
    Adam Smith, Salisbury CC
  • It is great to have a system when teaching putting. Often in golf instruction we hear, what is your swing philosophy, but never what is your putting philosophy. Now whenever someone asks what my philosophy is on putting... it is very useful to be able to tell them right away I am a 4PE Certified Instructor!Joe Charles, Treetops Golf Academy, MI
  • I thought the information on the Tour Roll Certification not only helped me look at instruction differently, but made me take a look at my own technique. I've implemented what I learned into my practice routine and now have an understanding on why my ball skids instead of rolling. All in all it's a great course for any instructor.Luke Syverson, PGA, Napa Valley CC
  • I found the Tour Roll Certification course to be extremely enjoyable and educational.Buck Deibel, PGA Master Professional, The Club at Boca Pointe
  • I use the eyeline putting products on a daily basis, love their uses.Mark Hirschey, Wesley Chapel, FL
  • I will continue to learn and truly believe that eyeline golf is the leader in putting training equipment.  My students are making more putts than ever before and I directly attribute it to my increased knowledge and confidence in obtaining eyeline 4 element certification.Michael Robinson, Charleston, R.I.
  • The 4 Elements of Putting one hour clinic gave a great template for a Putting day that I used during our Player Development Week we hosted at the course. Has resulted in additional lesson and equipment revenues.Joe Wisocki, Dinuba, CA
  • I have been very impressed with the quality of the "4 Elements" putting program. As an Instructor who works with many different levels of golfers, the tools and methods of practice have made a positive impact on all of my students, including myself. I highly recommend that all teaching professionals take advantage of the Eyeline certification process to help improve not only our own instruction, but the improvement of our clients putting as well.R. Bruce Wilkins, Klamath Falls, OR
  • This certification is very helpful for teachers. They can help their students to improve their game with various fantastic instruments and take their game to different level.Gaurav Verma, EyeLine Elite Instructor

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