Make some of your 6 footers!

See the Ball of Steel - $24.95

We never decelerate on a 20 footer … no one in our group expects us to make it :)

When we stand over a 6 footer … well, that’s different.

We think we should make it, our partner is counting on us, and we’ve heard of other people making a putt this length (so we know it is possible).

Our grip gets too tight and our stroke falls apart.

This “6 Ball Drill” is your answer.

Use the Ball of Steel to help you feel what its like to make a solid, aggressive stroke on your make-able putts.

Hit three 2 foot Ball of Steel putts, then drop back to your standard ball for three 6 footers.

The transfer is instant.  The ball will come of the putter face like you’ve always heard about.

Mix it up. Hit one Ball of Steel, one standard ball; repeat until awesome.