10,000 repetitions? It's easier than you think!

Don’t freak on me yet :)

The Cambridge Study proves the validity of the 10,000 reps. You can do it!  I'll show you how.

The key?
Focus on a single element of your stroke (not the whole stroke).

The Plan?
I’ve selected 3 key fundamentals we can work on that don’t require a ball or a cup. Let's take a look...

1. Face Angle at Impact
The Putting Impact System will teach you to square your putter face at impact. The purpose of the Putting Impact System is to help you learn how to see, feel, and repeat the correct impact position. It will teach you to square your putter face at impact.  Make strokes and learn to hit the impact plate straight forward. Learn more...

2. Momentum Through Impact
The Ball of Steel will help you keep your momentum through impact and avoid a decelerating stroke. If your stroke is losing momentum as it approaches the ball, your distance control will suffer. The weight of the Ball of Steel demands a stroke with energy at impact. Learn more...

3.  Putter Path
70 degrees is the lie angle of most putters. Use our Edge Putting Rail and your putter will travel like it was built to - when you bring the putter off the ground it will travel slightly inside the line, and return squarely to the ball with ease. This is what a "solid" putt feels and looks like. Learn more...

Give yourself the opportunity to make 100 reps each day - some at the office, at home, and at the course.