5 - 10 Foot Putt Drill

Putting S.O.S. Fundamentals
Solid - hit the putt solid
Online - start the putt on the target line
Speed - hit the putt the correct speed

5-10 footers - Make 1/2 of 'em

The average Tour player makes 54% of his 5-10 foot putts.

How many do you make?

Here's a fun test:

  • Set up tees at 4 corners - 9' from the cup
  • Set up 4 more tees between the corners

Hit only one putt from each spot as you rotate around the cup.

Hit 20 putts and multiply your made putts by 5 - that is your %.

Do this periodically to see if you are making progress.

If you are not satisfied with your results ...

Success from this distance putt is mostly dependent on alignment and hitting the putt solid.

The Gate Drill with the mirror will help you improve both of these.