Putting Speed Drill by Dr. Craig Farnsworth

Putting S.O.S. Fundamentals
Solid - hit the putt solid
Online - start the putt on the target line
Speed - hit the putt the correct speed

Speed control on the slopes

This is a great drill taken from "The Putting Prescription" by my friend, Dr. Craig Farnsworth. His book is available on Amazon.

Our 3-Foot Target Circles can assist.

The Putting Doctor's Diagnostic Test from page 239 of the book:

"You are at a new course and you note the greens are quite slow compared to the greens at your club. Choose a location on the green that is sloped as much as possible but not too severely. Place a tee in the ground, then walk directly uphill and place another tee in the ground 20 feet from the first one. Then place another tee 10 feet further uphill, and repeat with a tee in the ground another 10 feet further uphill. This gives you a 20-, 30-, and 40-foot target to putt back and forth to.

Start with an uphill putt to the first tee (20 feet), then putt the same ball back to the starting tee. Repeat the drill two more times. You will do six putts, or three cycles, at each distance. Your objective for each putt is to stop your ball within 2 to 3 feet (the length of your putter) of the target tee. Record this as a par. Repeat this for the 30- and 40-footers. All along, you are working to control your speed for each distance and each slope."