See your backswing position and make adjustments

See the 360 Convex Mirror - Starting at $59.95

You’ve heard teachers talk about a “connected” swing.  It basically means that all the parts of your swing - hips, shoulders, arms, and hands - move in proportional amounts and in a sequential pace.

What happens if your backswing is too long?

The connection breaks.

The 360˚ Mirror is your best teacher of the connected swing.

You can see your entire setup and swing while you are “looking at the ball”.


  •     Set up to the ball and decide on your ideal backswing position
  •     Mark the 360˚ Mirror with a line at this position (dry erase marker)
  •     Make 3 swings to this position
  •     Hit a ball
  •     Repeat until your handicap is as low as you want

A mirror is faster than video :)

See the 360 Convex Mirror - Starting at $59.95