Feel and repeat a perfectly connected stroke

A connected stroke is a solid stroke …
And a solid stroke wins :)

Here is a quick picture:
Set up with the ball perfectly aligned to the center of the ball - between the toe and the heel, and between the top and bottom of the putter face.

The only thing required to make solid contact is to move the putter away from the ball a few inches and return it to your exact starting position … right?

So what makes it difficult?

If you change any of the angles - shoulders, arms, wrists, or hands - during the stroke, then it is reaaaaaly hard to get it back to the starting position.

What makes it easy?  Keeping all the angles the same.

I use the Pendulum Putting Rod because it helps me see and feel a connected stroke.

Take a look at the video and see why it helps.

This is a great start to your year of great putting … you’re already good :)