Do you have anything for keeping the head still?

Q: Trey writes "1.  Quick personal note......I love your stuff!  My Golftec coach and I use a lot of your training aids and it has helped my game.  We are in the process of rebuilding my putting and thanks to some of your different products, it is FINALLY starting to feel good again.  I used to have both my index fingers down the shaft and my stroke was a good arc on the backstroke and then I would cut across the ball and never "release" the putter head.  I got pretty good at it....(25 years of putting, I am 38.) but just like my old golf full swing, it was based on timing and eye hand coordination.  I use the putting rod with the wooden "putting arc" but I am thinking about selling that and getting your dual plane.  I have trouble keeping my eyes over the ball and my shoulders square, but I really want to ingrain the inside to inside putting stroke as an arc and I think having both the plane on the toe and heel of the putter will help ingrain that this winter.  What do you think?

2.  We have also noticed on film that my head moves quite a bit in the stroke.  Do you have anything for keeping the head still?  I try to putt  with my head against a wall but the putter is not where it needs to be because of the wall and it is akward.  Suggestions?  I have an old microphone boom that has an extended arm that I use in my condo that helps me from rising and losing my spine angle on my backswing. Maybe I could use that somehow??

3.  I also have a 8 inch plastic piece (diameter of a pen) that I hold in my mouth and practice putting without that moving but have noticed that it works a lot better if I line the plastic piece over the ball with my right eye closed and then try to keep it in that spot when I putt.  Does that mean I am left eye dominant and do you know or think if that will affect anything in putting?

4.  Sorry for the long message but I am a 4.5 GHIN (down from a 8/9 when I started with Golftec 2.5 years ago!) who avg. 30.6 putts per round so far in 2010.  In 2009 I avg 29.7 putts per round but that was only because I only hit 6 GIR and I would get up and down 40+% of the time so that means quite a few one putts.  This year my ball striking has improved to avg. 9 GIR so that is why my putts are up but lots more 2 putt pars which I will GLADLY sacrifice!  I know that is too much information but wanted you to know what type of golfer I am and how much I practice and want to keep improving!!!  Goal is scratch in the next two years and to someday be a PLUS!!!!"

A: Trey - Great questions!
You are on the right track with you putting and your thinking.
I love how creative and passionate you are!
I put #'s beside your questions to help me give you specific answers.

1.  You are absolutely right about the toe and heel practice.  We have good videos on our sight about a practice routine with the rails.
The mirror is critical in your practice. Use the mirror for feedback on keeping your shoulders square, too.

2.  My favorite drill for keeping the head still is to use the mirror and hit putts.  Simply keep your eyes on the mirror until the ball is rolling to the cup.  You will probably see both eyes.  Don't look up until you do!
I like the microphone boom concept :)  Can you adjust it so it rests on the top of your head at address?  That is what a lot of Tour coaches do for their players - they hold a grip on top of their head.

3.  The dominant eye is a big influence in ball position.  The ball should be under the dominant eye at address.
Looking through one eye - either one - is easier to see, and using the dominant eye is better

4.  Great goals!  Practice 2 length putts - 6' and 30'.  Tour players make 85% of 3-5 footers, and 4% of 30 footers.  Lag the long ones close, and make the short ones!

I look forward to hearing your progress :)