Putting on Bermuda Grass

Q: Pinehurst Golfer asks: "While at Kiawha Island recently I putted on Bermuda greens for the first time and found it very different that Bent grass. The ball seem to squirt off my putter face. Only after the first 8-10 inches did the ball start to roll end-over-end.

What is the advice on putting on Bermuda. Should I have had a putter with more loft?


A: What a great question! I am not an expert on Bermuda greens ... but I am glad to share my experience.

First, you are right, the ball comes off the face very differently.  It is because Bermuda is like a vine - it lays on the green.  If it lays in the same direction they call it the "grain" of the green.  Learning to recognize the direction of the grain is critical.  There is a lot of instruction about reading grain.

Your observation about loft is a good one, too.  The goal is to get the ball on "top" of the grass as quick as possible.  You  can certainly do this with additional loft.  You can also move the ball a little forward in your stance and make impact as the putter is coming up.  Catch it a dimple higher on the ball and you will create topspin.

Try this a let me know if it helps.  I will call some of my "sun belt" teachers and get some additional input :)