Create the Gate Drill with the Putting Impact System

Putting S.O.S. Fundamentals
Solid - hit the putt solid
Online - start the putt on the target line
Speed - hit the putt the correct speed

The Putting Impact System has the Gate Drill built in...

When Hank Haney gave us the design points for the System, he wanted to make sure it had the Gate Drill.

"Tiger's favorite drill is the Gate Drill that his father taught him. If you can swing the putter between the tees then you know you are hitting the putt in the center of the face."

So... we did as we were instructed and put in slots for the drill.

It is a great 1-2 combo:
1.  Swing the putter between the tee gate
2.  Make the Impact Plate go straight forward

The result? Solid and straight.

We love putting!

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