Indoor Training Challenge

Charlie A. writes - "I completed my 10 straight days of putting to complete the challenge... I actually did 12 for 30 minutes minimum each day. WOW! My confidence has skyrocketed, especially on the 3-6 footers I practiced (I concentrated on this length because it is usually the range 'most' of my green side chips land).

Anyways, I got in 2 rounds to 'test' the new-found confidence, but then it started to rain... and continues to rain... with more rain in the forecast!

Should I re-do the drills? I actually enjoyed putting a lot so I'll probably do them again anyway. I have the tracking system... one of the originals (mirror broken and taped) but it is still functional. Any other devices you can recommend? I have an old Pro-Gear "c" groove cut to 33" and I play on very fast greens typically. My misses are generally short on lag putts 25' and beyond and missed close range vary. Thanks!"