2023 PGA Show Package - Save $275
2023 PGA Show Package - Save $275
2023 PGA Show Package - Save $275
2023 PGA Show Package - Save $275
2023 PGA Show Package - Save $275
2023 PGA Show Package - Save $275
2023 PGA Show Package - Save $275

2023 PGA Show Package - Save $275

Regular price $525.00 Sale price$250.00

Huge savings on 6 teaching essentials for 2023

Package Includes:

NEW Putting Circuit Trainer System:  Make the very most of your practice time and have a training plan each and every time you step foot on the practice green.

The Circuit Trainers give you 12 unique putting drills - all with video instructions!

Retail Value: $99.95

UPGRADED - Impact Cube:  Now, stronger than ever! All seams are double-stitched with super high strength thread and then reinforced with 600 denier backing! The Impact Cube is made of an ultra-durable Ballistic Nylon. We added a variety of angles to provide a fantastic visual and feel of the different leans and positions you practice. Fill it with towels and it is a solid 10 pounds- ideal weight and softness.  Stays looking great and performs even better!

Retail Value: $74.95

Check Point Swing Laser:  Simply trace the laser dot on the path stripe going back, going up, and returning the club through impact.

The “down” laser shows you the path of your swing … exactly.  The “up” laser will show you the exact plane of your swing in your backswing and downswing.

Retail Value: $124.95

Groove PLUS with Shoulder Mirror Add-On:  We have taken our Tour Proven EyeLine mirrors, and added features for even more feedback and training drills. This is our greatest putting mirror ever. “Motion Detector”, “Impact Gate”, and “Ball Gate” will now be standard elements of putting.  And...the Groove Plus is made in the USA.

Retail Value: $119.90

UPGRADED - Edge Putting Rail:  Your putter will travel like it was built to - when you bring the putter off the ground it will travel slightly inside the line, and return squarely to the ball with ease. This is what a "solid" putt feels and looks like.

Now Lighter and more durable than ever!  Your putter will glide smoothly over this thermoformed plastic rail. Made in the USA.

Retail Value: $59.95

Ball of Steel - Bundle of 3 Single Packs:  Start your practice with the Ball of Steel by trying to roll putts a few feet, make about 25 strokes. You won't be used to the weight of the ball, so don't be surprised if you double hit a few before you learn to carry your momentum through the ball. You will get the hang of it by your 10th stroke. It's a blast! 

Learning to hit the ball solid has never been so quick. 

Retail Value: $44.85