Need for Speed Clinic


This clinic is designed to work on putting speed and distance control. Most people only practice putting a ball in the cup. Although that’s very important, golfers need to be able to get their putts close enough for the next one to be less challenging. Green speed differs on every course your students play. Learn the techniques used on all the tours to improve their distance control. The key to great distance control is practicing and this clinic will give your students the tools they need to succeed.


Students will use a few training aids to work on hitting putts solidly, at the proper speed and how to assess green speed.

 Clinic Flow

  • Students will each have their own Stroke Meter. 
  • Move students through the drills using the Stroke Meter, Ball of Steel, Metronome and 6’ Target Circle
  • Students will have a better understanding of how to practice properly using their tools

Who will benefit

Students of all abilities will benefit from the clinic. It’s a good refresher for the more advanced players and a great starting point for beginners.

Tools Needed for the Need for Speed Clinic

**Each student will need about 10 balls. We recommend using MyRoll 2-Color Golf Balls but any golf balls will do. You will also need a metronome. We sell one here, or you can download a metronome app on your smartphone.

Each student should leave the clinic with a Ball of Steel and a Stroke Meter (you save an additional 20% off of the wholesale price when you order 6 or more).

Sample email

Hey Student-

The Need for Speed Clinic will teach you how to assess the speed on the greens for the day at the course where you will be playing. Practicing distance control is a forgotten part of putting. Getting the ball close enough for your next putt, which should be less challenging, is critical.

This clinic is for students of all skill levels and brushes on principles and techniques which will help you become a better putter in just one hour.

There will be plenty of high fives and fist bumps. You won’t believe how fast this one hour clinic will breeze right by.

All students will take home the training aids used in the clinic.


Call 555-555-5555 or email to sign up today. Spaces are limited.



  • 10 balls will be needed per student.
  • Have the Stroke Meters already set at different locations on the practice green according to the number of students who will be attending the clinic.
  • Watch all videos relating to the Need for Speed Clinic.


  • Introduce yourself and your background
  • Ask the students to introduce themselves: Name. “Do you consider yourself a “good, average, or discouraged” putter? “


The maximum transfer of energy is at the midway point in the stroke. Sam’s example of the grandfather clock demonstrates that the fastest part of the stroke is always in the middle. This needs to be at the bottom of the stroke.

:09-:12  DRILL 1

Position each student at one of the Stroke Meters along the edge of the practice green and have them begin to make strokes (no ball) back and through paying particular attention to creating a balanced stroke with the color blocks. This may be foreign to some students.

:12-18  DRILL 2

Have students pull a ball in near the Stroke Meter and begin with shorter putts progressing to longer putts making sure they are color to color. Start with the yellow blocks and move farther out. Have them pay attention to how far the ball travels with each different color block.

Introduce a Metronome and talk about pace of stroke. Let the metronome continue to beep at approximately 75 beats per minute.

:18-20  DRILL 3

Explain the Ball of Steel. It’s 5 times the weight of a golf ball and one of the purposes for using it is to find the sweet spot, not hitting putts on the toe or heel. That will cause putts to come up short because of the lack of energy transferred to the ball.

The other benefit of the Ball of Steel is to learn to accelerate through the putt. A decelerating putt also has no energy. A double or triple hit will indicate lack of acceleration.

:20-30 DRILL 4

Pair your students off about 3’-4’ apart, each with their Ball of Steel. Have them begin striking the BOS to each other working on finding the sweet spot of the putter and proper acceleration.

:30-37  DRILL 5

Have students return to their Stroke Meter. Place the 6’ Target Circle in the center of the green. Have them begin to hit putts to the 6’ Target Circle. Explain that any putts inside the target result in second putt that is less challenging.

:37-60  DRILL 6

Have students rotate to other Stroke Meters on the green. Continue to rotate until each student has hit a number of putts from each Stroke Meter station. Explain that each putt is individually different just like on the golf course as the students rotate around to the different stations.