Groove Your Stroke


The Groove Mirror is the result of observing and listening to Tour players for almost 20 years.  “What are your core fundamentals?”  “How do you train every day?” We have taken our Tour Proven EyeLine mirrors, and added features for even more feedback and training drills. This is our greatest putting mirror ever.


Students will be introduced to the variety of proper drills and techniques used by the best players in the world with our most versatile training aids. Good for both right-handed as well as left-handed golfers. By using the different drills students will quickly see the advantage to hitting the sweet spot on the putter every time. The Groove Mirror can be used inside as well as outside with the indoor putting pegs.


  • Students will progressively work through the basics of the Groove Putting Mirror with each drill becoming more challenging.
  • Begin with basics of putting
  • Move on to different drills explaining each as you go
  • Finish with the Ball Gate and the Impact Gate which are much more difficult


Golfers of all abilities and ages will benefit by using the Groove Mirror in their daily putting practice. 


**Each student will need about 10 balls. We recommend using MyRoll 2-Color Golf Balls but any golf balls will do. 

Each student should leave the clinic with a Groove Putting Mirror and an Impact Ball Liner (optional)

*You save an additional 20% off of the wholesale price when you order 6 or more).


Hey Student-

Looking for a clinic that will improve your putting in just one hour? Finally, here it is!

The Groove Your Stroke Putting Clinic is designed to give you 5 drills with just one product that will help identify your putting issues and you’ll walk away knowing how to correct them.

Well, the Groove Mirror will solve a variety of problems for you. One hour of fierce training will have you lining up every single putt and striking it with such accuracy that your confidence level will rise with each successive putt. Confidence equals more putts in the jar.

This one hour clinic will zoom right by and will include plenty of high fives and celebrating.

Each student will take the Groove Mirror used in the clinic with them.


Call 555-555-5555 to sign up today. Spaces are limited.



  • 10 balls will be needed per student. All should be marked with the Impact Ball Liner
  • Work on the Groove Mirror yourself to become more familiar with the product 
  • Watch the Groove Your Stroke Clinic video to familiarize yourself with the steps and drills. There are holes to accommodate putters which are 3 1/2” to 5” in width.
  • Put a strip of 2” clear tape from the slot to the back of the mirror straight down the alignment line. This will help your students keep the mirror from getting too scratched up
    Introduce yourself and your background. 
      Ask the students to introduce themselves: Name. “Do you consider yourself a “good, average, or discouraged” putter? “

        Propose the statement: today I’ll be hitting more putts than I have in the past….(how long?)


        Explain that Sam and Jerry worked on this mirror for about a year before launching it to the tour.

        Point out the different sets of holes and that we’ll be using all of them throughout the clinic

        Talk about the different top level tour players that are currently using the Groove Mirror

        Talk about how to set the Groove Mirror may be used indoors with the pegs instead of tees

        :10-:20  DRILL 1

        Purpose of the Sight Line is to determine where everyone sees the line straight. The results might surprise them. 

        Explain what might cause people to see the line differently, i.e., concussion, bifocals, glasses, lasik surgery, etc.

        Plenty of teachers tell you where your eyes should be at address, but they haven’t used a tool like this to accurately resolve the debate. After this, everyone will know where to set their eyes in the mirror when they begin putting.

         Begin Hitting Putts

        Now that you’ve determined where students see the line the straightest, have them put a ball in the slot and begin hitting putts with their eyes in position.

        Optional- Impact Ball Liner- Explain the reason behind using the Impact Ball Liner and parallax error, i.e., standing at two different angles to your target line creates an error in seeing the line. Use the Impact Line on every putt during the clinic to get accustomed to seeing the line straight.

        :20-27  DRILL 2

        Place tees in the front set of holes to create a putter gate. Initially, use one hole a bit wider than the putter itself until the student feels comfortable.

        After a few strokes and some success, you may tighten the tees to allow a small margin for the putter head to travel through.

        Have them begin hitting balls as the putter head moves smoothly through the gate. Explain that they are now hitting the sweet spot every time during this drill which transfers maximum energy to the ball, creating better distance control rather that striking the heel or toe of the putter.

        :27-34  DRILL 3

        By using the rear sets of tee holes you create the same width which was used for the Putter Gate Drill. Explain that if they have a more arcing stroke, another set of tees may be used to create an arc.

        By being almost a foot away from impact, students will readily feel what it’s like to keep the putter on a perfect plane back and through.

        Coming back too far inside on the backstroke or too far outside is a hand motion, not created by rocking the shoulders. This becomes too difficult to return to square and becomes a matter of timing. Straight back and through with rise angle and lie angle creates an inside to inside stroke which stays on plane.

        :34-41 DRILL 4

        By placing a tee in the farthest rear hole, you create a stroke restrictor, which will assist in eliminating deceleration. When decelerating, there is a lack of energy transferred from the putter to the ball, resulting in poor speed and occasionally incorrect line.

        :41-48  DRILL 5

        By placing the ball in the forward hole students are now able to see both eyes. The importance of this drill is to insure their eyes are in the correct position at address and after the stroke. Extra movement during the putting stroke causes putting errors. 

        Add tees into the front two holes to create the Ball Gate. Starting putts on line is crucial. If you are unable to start putts straight you’ve minimized your results. With the tees in the Ball Gate, have students hit putts of 6’-8’ in length. Otherwise their follow-through might strike the tees.

        :48-55  DRILL 6

        Set tees in all three locations on either side of the putter head. This keeps the putter moving back and through the correct line and creates a strike that is 100% sweet spot.





        Hey Student-

        You did an awesome job at the clinic. Keep practicing and you’ll be club champion in relatively short time. 

        All the best…

        Your Putting Instructor