More Birdies, Less Bogeys!

Blue Circuit Trainer pad Included for each student to take home!

The Blue Circuit Trainer one hour clinic is fast-paced, comprehensive and will benefit students of all abilities. It features 4 unique drills which will teach better transfer of energy, sweet spot connection, accurate start lines and square face impact.

Watch your revenue soar with this one hour-one product clinic.

Special Preparation:

- Work on the Blue Circuit Trainer yourself to become more familiar with the product
- Watch the Blue Circuit Trainer intro video (above) and the four drills to familiarize yourself
- Point out the QR codes on the back of the pad to explain to students
- Instead of putting toward a hole, have students face another student at a distance of about 10’-12’ so they are putting back and forth to each other.

Tools Needed for this World Class Putting Clinic:

- Blue Circuit Trainer for every student in the class (order 6 or more for 20% discount or $21 each)
- 10 balls per student
- Impact Ball Liner (one per student)
- Sharpie
- Tees

Sample Email

Hey Student-

Looking for a clinic that will improve your putting in just one hour? Finally, here it is!

The More Birdies-Less Bogeys Putting Clinic is designed to give you 4 drills with just one product that will help identify your putting issues and you’ll walk away knowing how to correct them.

The Blue Circuit Trainer will solve a variety of problems for you. One hour of fierce training will have you lining up every single putt and striking it with such accuracy that your confidence level will rise with each successive putt. Confidence equals more putts in the jar.

This one hour clinic will zoom right by and will include plenty of high fives and celebrating.

Each student will take the Blue Circuit Trainer used in the clinic with them.


Call 555-555-5555 to sign up today. Spaces are limited.

:00 -:05 Welcome

Let’s get to know each other Introduce yourself and your background. Ask students about their putting skills and issues

:05- :10 Introduce the Blue Circuit Trainer to everyone

Point out the four sides and that we’ll be using all of them throughout the clinicTalk about how the Blue Circuit Trainer may be used indoors with the pegs instead of tees

Optional- Impact Ball Liner- Explain the reason behind using the Impact Ball Liner and parallax error, i.e., standing at two different angles to your target line creates an error in seeing the line. Use the Impact Liner on every putt during the clinic to get accustomed to seeing the line straight.

:10- :20 Putter Gate Drill- Drill 1

Begin by placing tees in the slots just little wider than the putter headPractice making strokes back and through to get the feel of passing through the gate before introducing golf balls

Make sure there’s enough room between the tees for each student. Explain about finding the sweet spot on the putter face versus toe and heel hits. Rotate the Blue Circuit Trainer for each different drill.

:20- :30 Impact Gate Drill- Drill 2

By using the three sets of tee holes on either side of the Circuit Trainer you create the same width which was used for the Putter Gate Drill.

:30- :40 Ball Gate- Drill 3

It’s important to start putts online. This drill exemplifies the tendencies.

:40- :50 Two Ball Drill- Drill 4

This unique drill will reveal whether your student’s putter is either open, closed or square at impact.

Place two balls in the designated slots and line the putter face up directly behind them. Strike the putt and be aware of what just happened.

Did the balls come off with the toe ball way out in front or did the ball struck with the heel jump out first? The idea is to strike the balls together at the same time to produce a square face at impact.

:50- :00-Optional Drill- Drill 5

Having correct green speed is critical in reducing the number of putts and lowering scores.

Set up a 6’ Target Circle and surround the green with golf balls creating as many stations as you have students. See how many balls they can get to stop inside the circle which would leave a less challenging second putt. Rotate students to different locations to give a sense of different line and speed if time permits.

Congratulations and high fives!