Where the ball rolls is influenced by the path of the putter and the aim of the putter at Impact. Jim McLean and his son Jon worked with Eyeline to develop the Total Stroke Putting Trainer – two pieces that help with path and face. The Total Stroke Putting Trainer is a new addition to one of the tour’s favorites showing proper path for putters and putts; a template to follow.


You will introduce students to the proper uses and techniques surrounding one of the tour’s most versatile training aids. Right handed and left handed students are able to use the same training aid simply by turning the Total Stroke Putting Trainer over. Students will begin to dominate putts of every length. The Total Stroke Putting Trainer can be used indoors as well as on the practice green.


  • Students will progressively work through the basics of the Total Stroke Putting Trainer with each drill becoming more challenging.
  • Begin with Putter Path 
  • Move on to Ball Gate
  • Finish with the extended gate drill
  • Then make putts


This intense putting clinic should be reserved for mid-level golfers to the more experienced players. 


**Each student will need about 10 balls. We recommend using MyRoll 2-Color Golf Balls but any golf balls will do. You will also need a bunch of tees.

Each student should leave the clinic with a Total Stroke Trainer and an Impact Ball Liner (you save an additional 20% off of the wholesale price when you order 6 or more).


Hey Student-

What difference does it make if you read greens correctly but can’t hit a putt down your intended line?

Well, the Total Stroke Clinic will solve this problem for you. One hour of fierce training will have you lining up every single putt and striking it with such accuracy that your confidence level will rise with each successive putt. Confidence equals more putts in the bucket.

This one hour clinic will zoom right by and will include plenty of high fives and celebrating.

Each student will take the training aids used in the clinic with them.



Call 555-555-5555 to sign up today. Spaces are limited.




  • 10 balls will be needed per student. All should be marked with the Impact Ball Liner
  • Work on the Total Stroke template yourself to become more familiar with the product 
  • Watch all videos relating to the Slot Trainer and Total Stroke Putting Trainer
    Introduce yourself and your background. 
      Ask the students to introduce themselves: Name. “Do you consider yourself a “good, average, or discouraged” putter? “

        Propose the statement: today I’ll be hitting more putts than I have in the past….(how long?)


        Explain the collaboration with Jim and Jon McLean.

        Point out the fact that the ball sets on the ground, not the pad and that the pad itself is 1/16” thin.

        Talk about the template and how it mimics the proven putter path of most tour players and successful golfers

        Talk about how to set the Total Stroke Putting Trainer may be used indoors with the pegs and golf balls.

        :10-:20  DRILL 1

        Purpose of the Total Stroke Putting Trainer: Straight line to square up the putter blade, intermittent lines to indicate the proper putter path back and through the stroke. Point out the locations for tees in the Path Guide.

        Connect both pieces of the Total Stroke (green side for right handed golfers) not aimed at a target or hole.

        Have students begin to make practice strokes, without a ball, very slowly watching the putter path back and forth to match the lines on the training aid

        Next, have students place a ball in the slot and continue tracing the template and striking the ball about 10’-15’

        Explain that every stroke must swing from square to inside back to square to inside through, following the path of the Total Stroke

        :20-30  DRILL 2

        The purpose of theTotal Stroke Putting Trainer is twofold; one is to stroke the putter on path, the other is to start putts online.

        Place tees in all 12 positions, leaving enough room for the putter head to go through the gauntlet. Have students continue to follow the lines on the Total Stroke without using golf balls. Once they feel comfortable, they may place balls in the slot using the Impact Ball Liner every time.

        Have students take note of the position of their putter at the end of their follow through to see if it matches the template lines on the Total Stroke

        :30-40  DRILL 3

        Leave the path tees in place, have students place tees in the Ball Gate near the front of the trainer

        Begin by repeating the stroke slowly and strike the ball through the gate making sure to use the Ball Liner line on every putt.

        If students begin to hit either the right or left tee consistently, key in on their stroke and determine their respective issue

        :40-50 DRILL 4

        Place the student’s putter just off the back of the rear piece of the Total Stroke Trainer. Place two tees in the ground on either side of the putter head, allowing enough room to work the putter back and through

        Pick up both pieces of the Total Stroke Putting Trainer, paying attention to where the tees were in the ground when using the ball gate. Place the tees back in the holes after picking up the Total Stroke

        Students should use the Ball Liner line on every putt, and see how many they are able to hit through the extended gate.

        :50-58  DRILL 5

        Have students set the front part of the Total Stroke on the green, aimed at the cup (pick a fairly straight putt), at a distance of 5’-8’. Place tees in the Ball Gate and begin making putts using the Ball Liner on every putt

        This drill should be accomplished very easily after the rest of the clinic.





        Hey Student-

        You did an awesome job at the clinic. Keep practicing and you’ll be club champion in relatively short time. If you need to review any of the drills we worked on, remember that they’re all on the FREE Putting Bootcamp app on your iPhone.

        All the best…

        Your Putting Instructor