Which EyeLine Putting Mirror is right for me?

We want you to have the best mirror for your eyes  - that is why we have 3 models.

When you get instant, perfect information that makes sense to your eyes... life gets better!

  • The EyeLine Mirror is ideal if you like to see the ball in a parallel "slot" (9.25" x 17.5") 
  • The Edge Mirror is perfect if you want to check your shoulder alignment (7.5" x 12")
  • The Putting Alignment Mirror is travel size and always ready for your warm-up (5.75" x 11.75")

All these mirrors are in use on Pro Tours around the world and growing each week.  They provide instant, accurate feedback every player needs every day... including you.

Portability and Durability

The Putting Alignment Mirror or Edge Mirror are the best choice if you need a mirror you can store in your bag.  The larger EyeLine Mirror is less durable but gives you a full view of your stroke and shoulders with a slot in the center.

EyeLine Classic Mirror >>

Putting Alignment Mirror >>

Edge Mirror >>