Target games make practice more fun!

CLICK HERE - Details on the Short Game Targets

Hitting consistent chips and pitches require 2 skills:
1. Land your ball in your target zone
2. Hit the ball with the proper trajectory to create the proper amount of spin and roll

Proper practice should focus on these 2 skills.

You will need good targets to help you. They attract your focus, and make practice fun.

Play the Game:
Create a target ladder. Toss targets 3-5 yards apart beginning at 5 yards from you.
Hit shots to your landing zones. Choose your most lofted club. Start with the nearest target, then to the next further target; continue back with targets nearer to you.
Change trajectory. Take your next lofted club and hit shots up and down your “ladder”. Continue until you have worked through each club through your 5 iron.

You are practicing exactly what you need on the course to get it “up and down” from anywhere.

Way to GO!