How can I get balanced when I'm putting?

Q: Mark writes: "I was wondering how I can get balanced when I am putting. I have a farely large upperbody (somewhat muscular, or used to be). I guess to many milkshakes/beers/potato chips/ and that darn ranch dressing. The problem is that I want to eat more than I want to be thin. Anyways, I need to feel balanced when I am over the ball, I feel like I am gonna tip over sometimes. Do you have anything that would help me with that?"


A: I had to stop laughing before I could answer :)

I have a very simple aid that will help you with your balance - it is called the Balance Rod.

It will help you find if you are on your toes or heels.  You are right about the importance of balance in putting.  A lot of tour players focus on it.

Let me know if can help,