After using the Ball of Steel... I hit the regular ball too hard. Help!

Q: Michael Maguire writes: "Hi Sam -  question for you. First, I've been a customer since day one. I just purchased the Ball of Steel. Love them, but when I do the Alternate Drill sometimes I have a tendency to hit the regular golf ball to hard. Any suggestions?"

A: Mike - Great to hear from you! Great question, too.

Hitting the ball too hard is exactly the result you want.  You are delivering the putter head with more energy than normal - which is the goal.
The next step is to reduce the size of the stroke to adjust for the new energy.  It will only take a few strokes.

Tour players love how the ball comes off the putter after they use the heavy ball - "I can reduce the length of my stroke - which is easier to control" ... I've heard this a dozen times.

So ... you are doing the right things and getting the right result.  After the Alternate Drill continue to hit putts and your speed control will adjust to the new energy.

Let me know if this helps,