Graeme McDowell's drill with the Putting Mirror at the 2010 US Open

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For this drill:

1. Line up the mirror at the target
2. Use a rod for feet alignment
3. Use the mirror to check:

  • Eyes over the line of the putt
  • Shoulders parallel to line
  • Putter face square to line

4. Create a gate to swing the putter through on the follow through - put tees in the slots where the rails attach
5. Put a tee behind the mirror, just to the outside of the back-swing path - so you can't swing the putter outside the line
6. Put a tee inside the back-swing path to prevent swinging the putter inside the line too quickly

"I do this everyday for about 15 minutes." Graeme McDowell

Here is a close up of how to set it up: